Product Introduction

Shanxi Rubber has nearly 50 years of experience in CR production. It has five CR post-treatment production lines that could produce 14 varieties.

CR series include the sulfur modified and non-sulfur modified series.

1. Non-sulfur modified products include CR24 series and CR23 series and adopt polymerization with high conversion rate and freeze-roller coagulation. 

2. Sulfur modified products include CR32 and CR12 series and adopt polymerization with high conversion rate, chain termination and band drying post-treatment. 

Shanna introduced mature production technology from Armenian Nairit Company to produce CR. It has three CR post-treatment production lines and can produce 25 varieties in the SN series, including 19 varieties of dry glue and six varieties of latex.

The products meet demands of domestic and foreign markets.

SN series products include thiol modified and sulfur modified series of dry glue and latex.

Thiol modified products include SN24 series and SN23 series. Shanna cooperates with Nairit and adopts DuPont’s process of polymerization with low conversion rate and freeze-roller coagulation. It has made many innovations.

2. Shanna developed the sulfur-modified products. The products contain the SN32 and SN12 series. The polymerization process with low conversion rate is adopted.

The molecular weight is controlled during polymerization to maintain a uniform and stable Mooney viscosity.  


CR122    CR232    CR244    CR322

SN12      SN23      SN24     SNL-latex 

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