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The R&D Center of Shanxi Synthetic Rubber Group Co Ltd is one of the first provincial-level technology centers.

In 2009, it became the Chloroprene Rubber R&D Center of China National BlueStar (Group) Co Ltd and Shanxi Branch of the China National Chemical Engineering Center.

It has three rubber research offices, a process research office and an application research office, which are directed by two doctors.

The Shanxi Synthetic Rubber Group cooperates with Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology and other prestigious universities and scientific institutes to carry out research for CR production process and applications.

The R&D center has complete inspection instruments for its rubber products. To transform laboratory R&D results into production, it is equipped with simulated experimental installations of polymerization process, degassing process and rubber post-treatment process.

The products are SN24X adhesive chloroprene rubber series, the formulae and techniques of CR321, CR121, SN321 and SN121, and SN236T, SN237T, SN245T and more.

The quality is up to the international mainstream technology level. The SN236T, SN237T, SN245T have filled a national gap. Water-borne CR latex is entering the market.

The R&D center has been granted nine patents, which ensure that the company stays at the highest point of domestic CR technology.

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